Standaard Jachthonden proef

Geen diploma915%
C diploma813%
B diploma3965%
A diploma23%
Naam hondRasNrabcdefghijDiplomaCBAmag A
►Bailey Flatcoated Retriever 1 99991010108--B4674XXXja
►Charlie Dylans Goal Chan v.h. Haesdal Labrador Retriever 2 91078910101069A437388ja
►Loyal Tess v.d Hooydam Hoeve (Abby) Labrador Retriever 3 10109101010910--B4978XXXja
►Perre Brass vom Lech Toller Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever 4 109106610106--B4167XXXja
►French Kiss of the Workfellows Labrador Retriever 5 7710108897--B4266XXXja
►Lowly Darren Golden Retriever 6 991091010610--B4773XXXja
►New Borgs' Adarsh Flatcoated Retriever 7 77-----0--geenXXXXXXXXXnee
►Burdy van de Veldesse Labrador Retriever 8 71010981099--B4472XXXja
►Dark Devotion Miss Miracle Flatcoated Retriever 10 879991098--B4269XXXja
►French Blue of the Brightly Dunes Flatcoated Retriever 11 886798810--B3864XXXja
►Casblaidd Lollypop Flatcoated Retriever 12 10101091010910--B4978XXXja
►Happy Summer of the Brightly Dunes Flatcoated Retriever 13 777680-0--C35XXXXXXnee
►Go With The Flow Brightly Cheerful Flatcoated Retriever 14 77889880--C39XXXXXXnee
►Dutch D'votion is born to bring joy Flatcoated Retriever 15 776107676--B3756XXXja
►Cloud Dancer's Relight my Fire Flatcoated Retriever 16 799109798--B4468XXXja
►Dark Devotion Twinkling Treasure Flatcoated Retriever 17 --1097070--geenXXXXXXXXXnee
►Velvet Hunters Wild Romance Flatcoated Retriever 18 109789897--B4367XXXja
►swallowsflight gambler darcy Flatcoated Retriever 19 97676988--B3560XXXja
►Eager Emma The second off april Labrador Retriever 21 9991081088--B4571XXXja
►Millers Square Black Semmy Labrador Retriever 22 1010910109107--B4975XXXja
►Jara van het Croyse Land Flatcoated Retriever 23 668910668--B3959XXXja
►Tribute to Tweedmouth Harry's Dream Golden Retriever 24 76101097107--B4266XXXja
►Black Beauty v.d. Blauwe Lotus Flatcoated Retriever 25 610778876--B3859XXXja
►Smooth Operators Powerful Hilde Flatcoated Retriever 26 871077667--B3958XXXja
►French Quarter Friend's Baronne Charlotte Flatcoated Retriever 27 1077101091010--B4473XXXja
►Lights Hamilton Highland Park Flatcoated Retriever 28 9978108109--B4370XXXja
►Duke's of Pirepride Night Charming Flatcoated Retriever 29 109107101091068A467589ja
►Charlie Chase v.d. Grote Moor Labrador Retriever 30 10610091008--geenXXXXXXXXXnee
►Duke's of Pirepride Miss Midnight Flatcoated Retriever 31 69607-----geenXXXXXXXXXnee
►Jip Wega vd Grote Moor Labrador Retriever 32 9910990108--C46XXXXXXnee
►kanati Chesapeake Bay Retriever 33 98867709--C38XXXXXXnee
►Jeremy van het Bevershof Flatcoated Retriever 34 7101098898--B4469XXXja
►Floyd v.h. Croyse Land Flatcoated Retriever 35 107869979--B4065XXXja
►Talloch Dawn Lady Of Camelot Flatcoated Retriever 36 87966880--C36XXXXXXnee
►Dick van Budiliumhof Labrador Retriever 37 910809996--geenXXXXXXXXXnee
►All Saints Badaine Flatcoated Retriever 38 87006-----geenXXXXXXXXXnee
►Virthualitie Spread Your Wings Flatcoated Retriever 39 ----7DISK10---diskXXXXXXXXXnee
►Just Add Water Lake Ontario Flatcoated Retriever 41 786981097--B3864XXXja
►Class Act of Magic Trust Flatcoated Retriever 42 767871088--B3561XXXja
►Causing Commotion of Magic Trust Flatcoated Retriever 43 791098987--B4367XXXja
►van 't uilennest Ginger Labrador Retriever 44 98677886--B3759XXXja
►Björshults Xtra Wildrose Flatcoated Retriever 45 8810981098--B4370XXXja
►Eager Elan the second off april Labrador Retriever 47 9101010101009--C49XXXXXXnee
►Withara's Endeavor Labrador Retriever 48 679771096--B3661XXXja
►Wallconer's Grec Guus Flatcoated Retriever 49 87679967--B3759XXXja
►Wallcorner's Fenna Flatcoated Retriever 50 68066786--geenXXXXXXXXXnee
►CATO'S MEES UIT 'T LABRADORIUM Labrador Retriever 51 6676686---C31XXXXXXnee
► Fosliskrentens Son of Schadow Flatcoated Retriever 52 6676-80---geenXXXXXXXXXnee
►Pacific Rainbow of Roxy´s Tale Labrador Retriever 53 99688876--B4061XXXja
►Flash Blues v.d. Rooise Heikant Labrador Retriever 54 66966978--B3357XXXja
►Classic Hunters Merano Scott Flatcoated Retriever 56 107881010910--B4372XXXja
►Flying Floris the second off april Labrador Retriever 57 8870910----geenXXXXXXXXXnee
►Djilly Flatcoated Retriever 59 961098787--B4264XXXja
►Laniek's Copper Chinouk Flatcoated Retriever 60 101010891098--B4774XXXja
►Twitterpated Angel Reef Flatcoated Retriever 61 77877996--B3660XXXja
►Painterman v.d. Loenense Hoeve Golden Retriever 62 810----DISK6--diskXXXXXXXXXnee
►SMOOTH OPERATORS EASY BLACK POWER Flatcoated Retriever 63 991091010101070B4777XXXja
►Fishermans Pride Cheyenne Labrador Retriever 64 8109991088--B4571XXXja
►SMOOTH OPERATORS BETTER BELIEVE IT Flatcoated Retriever 65 9109910800--C47XXXXXXnee
►Bee Zofie of Natures Garden Labrador Retriever 66 791096968--B4164XXXja